Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Guerilla Gardening @ Dog Kennel Hill

The patch I've started on is on the central reservation going down dog kennel hill - next to where the unknown GG planted the hollyhocks (in fact not quite so unknown - a council garden worker planted them from seed out of his own pocket). There's quite a lot of neglected space and its quite easy to dig. So far I've added 3 x hardy geraniums (two types, both pale pink sadly), 4 x bronze fennel, 1 x teasel [dipsacus], 7 x euphorbia robbiae, 3 x some kind of lilac flowered aster, 2 unknown types of ground cover [possibly Lamium] and a variegated vinca. Plus 1 x acanthus mollis - this is the only plant that is at all demanding [water!] but hopefully the donated bag of compost from Dulwich Garden Centre will help it survive. In the meantime, if you feel moved to join my troop [me] - dont hold back - even to water them when you visit Sainsburys [fill up an empty bottle in the loos].
So far only 1 fennel and 1 lychnis have given up and died - entirely due to lack of water... Everyone else is digging in.