Sunday, 11 March 2012

Guerrilla Girls Fight Back

Finally did some team Guerrilla work! Well, there were 2 of us [thanks R!] attending to the 'weeding'. Up close and personal not all of my plants were demolished thanks to the Council's lazy job of just pulling the tops off plants randomly. The teasel will return. We've added in some unknown oriental poppies, some blue Geraniums [hope those make it!] another blue leaved mystery plant, a Bergenia from one of my neighbours and some California poppy seeds. The Bergenia could probably do with some decent watering given the leaves...

Southwark Rules....

Dang and Blast. Serves me right for so-so weeding. I went past the Patch last night and discovered - Look No Weeds! Alas those employed by Southwark can only recognise a handful of plants. The Euphorbias, Lychnis, Acanthus and maybe one Fennel remain [and are starting to look springy]. But the real Bee-treat plants - the teasel [Dipsacus], the hardy geraniums, the convovulus, one of the Fennels planted with a blue thistle [Echinops] have been ripped out.... Oh and the lilac Asters - such useful plants in this neglected terrain - destroyed...  And, that low growing tenacious little weed that carpeted the Patch is clearly endemic to the soil and will only arrive back. Today I'm going down there, armed with a few more plants. Dare I use the Echinops? I'm meeting a fellow GG for the first time - and she has seeds! Great seeds that will easily get away in a location like this, if only Southwark can consistently neglect it rather than periodically strip it to shreds.
I am wondering about using labels.
Photo to follow.