Sunday, 11 March 2012

Southwark Rules....

Dang and Blast. Serves me right for so-so weeding. I went past the Patch last night and discovered - Look No Weeds! Alas those employed by Southwark can only recognise a handful of plants. The Euphorbias, Lychnis, Acanthus and maybe one Fennel remain [and are starting to look springy]. But the real Bee-treat plants - the teasel [Dipsacus], the hardy geraniums, the convovulus, one of the Fennels planted with a blue thistle [Echinops] have been ripped out.... Oh and the lilac Asters - such useful plants in this neglected terrain - destroyed...  And, that low growing tenacious little weed that carpeted the Patch is clearly endemic to the soil and will only arrive back. Today I'm going down there, armed with a few more plants. Dare I use the Echinops? I'm meeting a fellow GG for the first time - and she has seeds! Great seeds that will easily get away in a location like this, if only Southwark can consistently neglect it rather than periodically strip it to shreds.
I am wondering about using labels.
Photo to follow.

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