Sunday, 22 January 2012

whether it is winter, or not

Last week 5 days of hard frost. This week we are back in double figures and I have seen a bee in our SE5 garden. Wondering whether to risk putting some more plants in the Dog Kennel Hill patch. The traffic flow either side of it should help... It is certainly cultivating the weeds. Yet I can't help thinking we need a bit more cold.
I did meet a fellow guerrilla working on a large patch near the carwash; daffs, herbs and sunflowers (as far as I could gather - she is not a native plantswoman so there was a lot of guesswork at work). Her top tip was salvaging the piles of plants dumped behind major DIY stores. I do however have a major supply from my parents and a neighbour so I may not be trying that out. Yet.

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