Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Pits of Grove Lane

Surprise! Of the 2 tree pits opposite Johannson's Deli and Restaurant [an intimate Scandinavian joint with a lovely fireplace] one of them has sprung life! A Nasturtium has broken cover and so have a couple of Californian Poppies amid the weeds. This makes me want to actively plant it [not least because the bins near here are often whiffy]. I'm going to my parents' soon to make off with more plants, so headsup for a group dig in a few weeks [the soil will be tough going]. Any suitably hardy plants welcome too.


Johnny London said...

absolutely stunning - and what a difference. thank you so much - and also the other gg's for such dogged work in crum conditions. any chance of more blues and purples rather than pinks? just wondering ... xx

Johnny London said...

Absolutely thrilling to see these pics! Thank you so much for all your hard work (and aesthetic sense of fun!) to make our little hood so much better. Any chance of making more blues and purples and silvers shoot up? Big love to all gg's!