Friday, 28 July 2017

Cross Talk

Went back to the pits today and planted a blooming Rudbeckia (from R who also supplied the other boisterous patches of it) another Verbena and another teasel, all in the pit near Mughead coffee. Also, of course, did a massive tidy up - this time all the way around every pit. Reyna is becoming Nene and seems to have slightly expanded the frontage. So maybe they care? Neither on twitter yet.

Anyway the best part was a long conversation with a local woman who told me that she and local school children planted all the roadside Plane Trees from Queen's Road to Deptford in 1964 to combat smog! We also had a chat about the infernal littering. She said that in her day the street cleaner would say 'I know your mother' to offenders and it would be an effective deterrent, but these days it would be insulting at best.

pics to follow.

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