Friday, 20 April 2012


Today I had a dental appointment in East Dulwich. It was sunny for a change and I was bitter about doing something so dull [the cats were even more bitter]. Anyway, on the bus homewards I spied luminous jackets in close proximity to the patch... Oh hell, I thought, and leaped off the bus. Actually it was the same 2 guys I met last year and they remembered me. They mean well - and prefer the hollyhock forest to the over-bred, nectar-poor, polyanthus they have to put in. I did learn that the patch we have been guerrillering is 'not on the plan' from the council's perspective, that this strip of land is probably only as deep as is visible, that there were some kind of shrubs here previously but in a very dry year they all died. However.... yesterday in the rain R and I [mainly R!] battled the elements and planted a whole load of sunflower seeds in that very patch, now mercilessly raked over. We have also had the California Poppies forcibly 'thinned out'. Allegedly the council workers come every 3 weeks; next time its on with jubilee planting of petunias so hopefully our patch wont be worked over. Our renegade colours will be such a welcome contrast whenever that jubilee thing is on.

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