Tuesday, 17 April 2012

More Reasons to...

4 x Leucanthemum and 1 x Euphorbia underneath this lovely Magnolia...in the garden desert at the back of Morrisons, Camberwell Green. So far so good. I also noticed that there is a diggable tree-pit right next to the Crooked Well [which is a really great restaurant and cocktail bar]. I have mentioned the idea of a tub of herbs outside their doors but they are worried that anything not nailed down will be nicked. Ergo, plant direct. 
Leucanthemum, by the way, is the Shasta Daisy. This is the basic variety. I had a large congested mass that I assumed was ancient, divided it and now have several large masses. It flowers for ages. I havent taken it down Dog Kennel Hill because I think it will need more damp. If they get going I might judiciously prune that lower underbranch of the Mag.

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