Tuesday, 29 May 2012

New sites [for the Knights who say Ni!]

I have my eye on the sorely neglected raised beds/walls next to the Job Centre on Camberwell Green. Someone gardened there at one point, there's some box and euonymous amongst the weeds, bottles and other detritus. This could be a great spot to relocate a bunch of yellow flowering plants, including fennel [which is SO great, but does need watering when it is first transplanted or it sulks to death] and golden rod. This would jolly up my time on the no.12.
Chef Solaire -  thinking of the Stories Mews patch, I can pull up some mint [a thug in open soil, but will cope with shade] and some michaelmas daisies [lilac flowers, v tough, copes with dry] and probably some white daisies [leucanthemum, tough, but wont want to be baked] and a pot of crocosmia [tough, self seeds, should need sun but seems ok with half-shade], I think I could also part with a pale pink hardy geranium [tough, self-seeds, ok in shade].

Also - I would love to make over that raised tree pit at the end of Stories Mews/bordering Champion Hill or is Dog Kennel Hill already? Huge potential for a maintainable marvellous flower bed. Atm it is so dry as to be undiggable but maybe it will rain as the temperatures dip over the weekend...


Clive said...

go for it! good luck!

chefsolaire said...

Hi La G

I think much of stories mews is done (though bit at the top on the left needs some more stuff - have put in a box(?) rose campion and some sunflowers

I woudl be for having a go at the bit you describe junction stories mews and denmark hill. We coudl dig it over and plant in one go - then maybe work back towards Camberwell grove.

Off on school trip and back on 6th (half term). There are people in stores mews who might help - Nick has cleared a good bt and will plant up. Girl whose name I don't know is watering the top bit